I won't be able to physically come to the clinic, do you offer any other arrangements?
If you have difficulty coming to the clinics, please let me know. It may be possible to for me to come to your home (for a smallsurcharge to cover extra time), or to do any follow up consultations via Skype / FaceTime or on the phone. Please contact me for details.

Can I contact you before booking a session to see if your services are suitable for me?
You are welcome to call me by phone, email me, or book in at 'The Beauty Clinic' for a free 10 - 15 minute chat to see if nutritional therapy may be beneficial to you and to work out which package would suit your needs and your budget.

I am also seeing a doctor about my health concerns, do I need to tell them I am consulting you?
Clients who are under the care of a GP or other healthcare professional for health concerns should always let their health provider know of any changes to diet or other actions taken that may in any way affect overall care. If you take medication, any supplements you decide to take MUST be checked beforehand for interaction by your GP and / or pharmacist. If appropriate I will contact the GP with further information about the plan we develop. Please see Terms of Engagement for further details.

I have ME/CFS, can you help with this?
If you have ME/ CFS, please see my 'Useful Links' page about how I work with Frances Goodall.

What if I need to cancel or rearrange a session?
Please give 3 working days notice for any change or cancellation to any appointment. If 3 working days notice is not given, a 50% cancellation fee, or a rearrangement fee of £10 if the appointment is changed to a different day, will be charged. If you don't turn up for a consultation, this will be charged at the full rate. Working days are considered to be Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm.

Does my health insurance cover your sessions?
Because I am registered with the CNHC, you may be able to claim a substantial amount of the consultation fees from Westfield Health Insurance (please see www.westfieldhealth.com) and Health Shield Insurance. However you will have to pay the session fees before you claim. Please ring the organisation to check the details of your policy as this is a relatively recent change and there are not many policies which do include Nutritional Therapy at the moment. In the ones that do, it is usually under the 'Complementary therapies' section.

Do you offer any discounts?
If you are currently a full time student, or you are claiming benefit, please mention this when you book as I do offer concessions if you have difficulty paying full prices.

Is it possible to have more information about food and cooking?
Please contact me to ask about menu planning, cookery lessons, store cupboard overhauls and shopping trips, all of which can be put together in a package to suit you, from one hour to five hour packages. Makes a fantastic present!

Do you offer gift vouchers?
Vouchers are available on request, for any amount from £5 upwards. They make a fantastic present! 

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